Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How many photos do you take in an hour?
A: As many as I have to in order to capture everything that could be important on your wedding day. To do so, I usually take somewhere between 50-300 photos per hour on average.
Q: Out of the photos you take, how many will I receive?

A: Every photo that I feel meets a certain level of quality and has no significant problems like goofy faces, half-open eyes, chewing food, etc., is typically provided as long as angles or facial expressions are at least slightly different. The total count varies, but somewhere between 50-200 photos per hour is the typical range. Because there are too many possible variables, I can not guarantee to provide a specific number of photos.

Q: How long does it take to receive my photos?
A: Most wedding photography sessions take approximately 3-4 weeks to finish processing/editing. Most engagement sessions take 1-3 weeks to finish. The photos are mailed as soon as they are finished.
Q: How long have you been doing wedding photography? Do you have backup equipment?

I’ve been a wedding photographer since about 2008, almost exclusively in Las Vegas with a few weddings abroad.  Most of my work is weddings and engagements.  I have a full set of backup equipment including cameras, lenses, flashes, stands and memory, and my cameras hold two memory cards each for redundant storage to ensure your photos are safe.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for comfort and the best possible experience on my wedding day?

A: Bring a comfortable pair of backup shoes (and keep your wedding shoes for photos) to wear when walking around the Strip and inside some of the resorts. There is a lot of walking in Vegas, and footaches make it very hard to feel relaxed and have a good time for wedding photos (or anything else). Also, check in with your transport service in advance to make sure they will be arriving on time.

Your photos will come out best if you are relaxed and happy, and if you let your feelings for each other come across through body language, facial expressions, the way you hold each other, etc. I will always do my best to give you great photos, but it is a two-way street: You have to be willing to enjoy yourself and have a little fun!

Lastly, don’t sweat the small stuff.  Minor things like running a few minutes late or certain details not being exactly as you envisioned them can lead to frustration, or you can just accept that your wedding will be beautiful either way and enjoy yourself 🙂

Q: Do you have any aesthetic/cosmetic advice for prospective Vegas brides?

A: To look your best, consider a good professional makeup and hair stylist. This can be a windy city, so hair can suffer if not properly prepared. The most durable and often elegant styles include buns and other tighter styles that keep the hair well controlled. Long, flowing hair styles tend to get blown around a lot and can lose some of their original shape, especially on a windy or hot day (we have lots of both in Vegas).

Spray tans, if done, should be performed very shortly before the wedding day or on the same day (the older the spray tan, the more risk of peeling), and they should not omit any skin areas that will be exposed when wearing the wedding dress.

Bra tan lines? Yes, they show with a sleeveless dress. Spray tans should be sure to include that area.

The prettier the venue/locations, the easier it is to get good photos and the better your photos will generally turn out. Environmental aesthetics can make a huge difference in your wedding photos, just as professional makeup can make a great difference.